Thursday, December 6, 2012

Water Dancing Speakers will colorize your room

We saw all sorts of speakers in the past, and speaking of which, today we have a special pair of speakers that will fill your room with sound and color.

Although there are many available speakers on the market, they might look a bit plain, and if you want a special pair of speakers that are visually appealing, you might find Water Dancing Speakers suitable.
These speakers come with four colorful LEDs aimed upward and jets of water that bounce according to the beat. As for the lights, they change at random, while the height of water adjusts accordingly to the volume and pitch of the sound.
Water Dancing Speakers are one of the most visually appealing speakers that we saw, but sadly, we have no information regarding their power output or sound quality. As for the price, you can get a pair of Water Dancing Speakers for $63.

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