Thursday, February 28, 2013

Foldable Electric Kettle

This is a given standard, however sometime we need to carry our kettles with us. For such situations (yes, I am picky about making my own coffee) the Novel is apt; it is a patented folding travel kettle, which is unique. Designer Stanislav Sabo developed an original electro-origami.


Housing gadget is made of heat-resistant plastic, the inside has a layer of silicone, and it folded even fits in your back pocket. This makes it convenient for travelers. Locking in the labor and folded by means of magnets.
Folded or unfolded kettle can be fixated on metal components of the side walls of vehicles, vessels or planes for medical, security, rescue and humanitarian forces.


  1. The owner of the copyright:
    Stanislav Sabo,

    DESIGN Europe - No.: 002084988-0001, 002084988-0002
    Design Slovakia - No. 27869
    Patent - No.: PP50029-2012
    Utility model - No.: PUV50066-2012

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