Tuesday, May 1, 2012

145-inch TV with a record resolution

Panasonic is in collaboration with the Japanese broadcaster NHK jointly presented a new plasma panel Super Hi-Vision 145 inches diagonal.

The largest standard resolution is FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels. Under this figure now optimized all of the devices and systems, but sooner or later he will be replaced by a new standard, he has already given the name Super Hi-Vision, and a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels. It is much more than appeared in the last year the prototype LCD-TV Sharp, diagonal is "only" 85 inches. The announcement took place at the Olympic Games in London, where Panasonic has announced an official partner. Another official partner of the Olympic Games has become the Japanese company NHK, which will carry out a test commercial broadcast in the format of Super Hi-Vision. To do this, all you need is already prepared: there is a wide data path, there is a camera that can capture images at this resolution, and now there is a panel of appropriate size from Panasonic, which will allow all attendees to fully appreciate the picture in a 33-megapixel resolution.

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