Saturday, May 5, 2012

Marudai Bulletproof iPhone case can stop 50 caliber bullets

There is variety of iPhone cases on the market, and today we have another iPhone case, this one can stop bullets.

Japanese company Marudai has designed one of the first bulletproof iPhone cases, and according to the Marudai, this iPhone case can resist .50 caliber round. This case is made from combination of steel and aluminum and the back of this case is rather thick so it can resist .50 caliber bullet. Despite its thick design, this case has a cutout for your camera, so you’ll be able to take pictures even while using this large case. We have to admit that this case doesn’t look very appealing, and we’re guessing that it’s not the kind of case that you use every day, due to its bulky design.
This unusual case is currently priced at $650.

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