Sunday, February 24, 2013

3Doodler - 3D-printer in the shape of the handle

On Kickstarter appeared interesting novelty - handle 3Doodler, which works as a 3D-printer.

The idea is incredibly simple: the creators were founded upon the head of the unit is hot 3D-printer, added a small fan, gave the assembly a familiar streamlined shape. Works on the principle 3Doodler glue gun: first you insert a solid piece of plastic (ABS or PLA) in a special section, the material passes through the gadget, heated, and then appears in the little molten form. With this device, you can create figures, painted with stencils or make real 3D-model. At the moment, the project has already received full financial support ($ 414,356 out of the requested $ 30,000), in addition the team has a further 32 days to refine the gadget. While 3Doodler can be ordered for $ 75.

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