Friday, February 15, 2013

Overview of smartphone Sharp SH837W

Sharp introduced in the Russian market, four new Android-smartphone models, one of which we will now consider. This Sharp SH837W - middle-class device with a dual-core processor and HD-display.

Japan - a mysterious country, rich culture and a well of high technology. Workaholism Japanese showed the world a lot of technical wonders, among which many phones and smartphones.Sharp is known in Russia as their home appliances and electronics, but the connection to the device for some time now in our market do not offer. Now the situation has changed and Sharp introduced new Android-smartphone Sharp SH837W.
Smartphone operating system based on Google Android, as can be and no doubt. OS Version - 4.0, although promises and upgrade to 4.1. In the box with the device you will find the headset cord and timing, power supply and manual with warranty card and warranty.

Design of the device is made in the spirit of the modern trends, but without the influence of iPhone, and not devoid of attraction.The main feature that we remember - it's curved glass display, like a wristwatch. In this case, the glass is resistant to scratches and damage - Gorilla Glass II.
Large display with 16:9 aspect ratio and a diagonal of 4.7 inches takes up the entire front panel except for small it above and below it: side frame is very small - it makes the smartphone smaller. Display resolution of 1280x720 pixels.There is an automatic adjustment thereof, as the sensor off the display during a call. Both are located above the display, the same camera for video calls, as well as the earpiece.
Otherwise Sharp SH837W similar to other vehicles in its class: 3G/GSM link availability HSPA / EDGE, has Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth 4.0, FM-Radio, GPS-receiver. 1024 MB of RAM, a constant - 4 GB, plus a set is already installed on the 16GB MicroSDHC.
The price of this smartphone is $2,898.

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